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Security Guard Firearm Permit
BSIS Certification
Security Guards possessing and firearm double their take home salary. Private Security departments are searching for armed  Security Officers to patrol Federal and State buildings in California. Starting pay is $27.00 per hr in the U.S. and up to $10,000 per month overseas contract. To qualify as an armed security guard you must possess a Security Guard Registration Card and a Firearm Permit. This training is an excellent platform to begin your career as an armed security guard and as well as a law enforcement officer. Click here to register  or call
(510) 253-3411
for more information.

Your certification training will include:

  • Security Guard Firearm Permit  BSIS training course
  • Holster training
  • Firearm Handling, Care and Safety
  • Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Federal & State Course of Fire Training

Tuition  - $175.00

  • (Includes training, firearm rental, targets, eye & ear protection)

Firearm Permit Reservation Deposit ($50.00) balance due at the start of class.

Information on Pistol & Shotgun Training (click link below)
Handgun & Shotgun Training

TFF #1125  TIF #1703

Cancellation Policy There are no refunds for class registration fees.  All fees will be utilized for the purchase of materials and classroom reservations.  If you cancel your scheduled class you will be issued a tuition credit.  You will have 60 days to register and complete your desired training course.  Failure to attend and complete your course within 60 days of the original scheduled date will result in the forfeiture of your tuition credit. 


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